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...are our business. All throughout North America, our staff represents your utility in the community on a daily basis. Every member of the Alexander's team is selected because their personal code of conduct matches ours. We believe and practice these basic principles:

  • Courtesy comes first. Always be kind
  • Safety Safety Safety. Risks don't save time
  • Be easily identifiable – we belong in the neighborhood
  • Presentation - we take pride in our appearance
  • Communication - answer customers truthfully and report all challenges
  • Respect - It is a two way relationship
  • Knowledge - be the best at what you do
  • Contribute - share your ideas for improvement

For 46 years and counting we have grown one employee and one customer at a time. If you think our values match yours, we'd like to talk.


When it comes to technology, everything fits into one of three categories: game changer, deal breaker, or same ol' same ol'. We created Datazeo to produce and support game changing technology for our Alexander's Contract Services (ACS) utility reading teams.

A game changer by name dramatically alters a process. Datazeo's Cloud Smart Server Technology (CSST) hub and DZ Reader handheld interface changes utility usage collection and reports on dozens of fundamental levels. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Real time data retrieval and reporting always at your fingertips
  • Open Hardware Compatibility - Including Juniper, Trimble, Radex, touch read, AMI, and low cost smartphones
  • Varied Input Design - mix and match your data collection hardware. It all connects to CSST
  • Certified Reads - virtually eliminates errors, fraud and re­reads
  • On-the-fly dynamic rerouting - keeps everyone pointed in the right direction
  • Safe and Secure - one device two way secure communication and data transfer
  • Subscription fee structure - No capital investment

If dramatically improving your utility's practices is at the heart of your mission, we should talk.