Alexander’s Provides the Experienced Personnel, Meter Reading Software and Hardware that Solve the Utility’s Most Challenging Problems.

Contract Meter Reading

For over 50 years, ACS has grown to become the leader in providing professionally-trained meter reader teams to public and private utilities. Our solution combines experienced personnel and technology innovation to:

  • Eliminate rereads
  • Increase field read accuracy
  • Generate “On-Time Every-Time” billing

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Soft Services Solutions

ACS also provides valuable services in addition to meter reading:

  • Hang Tag, Connect/Disconnect, Meter Lid Work Orders
  • AMI Meter Field Read and Maintenance Audits
  • Wireless Re-Read Management
  • Liability & Conservation Study
  • Meter Account, Route and Cycle Resequencing
  • Advanced Certified Meter Site Surveys
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Alexander’s provides “State of the Art” Meter Reading Software and Hardware.


From a wirelessly connected handheld application in the field to the Cloud-based meter reading portal, ACS offers the Total Solution. Cloud Smart Server Technology provides:

  • Certified Photo and GPS data
  • Wireless data communications that eliminate costly truck rolls
  • Real-Time Exception data

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ACS Offers Rugged Android Mobile Meter Reading Devices, Meter Reading Probes and Meter Accessories.

  • Ultra Rugged Smartphones and Full Keyboard Android Mobile Handhelds
  • VP-30 and VP-50 Series Touch Read Probes – VersaProbes
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Meter Read Accuracy

Is it time for your utility to achieve accurate and cost-effective meter reading?

Alexander’s Contract Services focuses on real solutions for utility meter reading operations. We combine Technology, Experience and Innovation to create one of the most accurate and reliable methods of capturing meter reads in the Utility industry.

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Timeliness of Billing

Need to achieve timely billing of your customers? Alexander’s innovations consistently ensure that goal!

All of ACS's innovative concepts have greatly improved the consistency of timelines, read accuracy and communication within our client’s meter reading programs. These innovations greatly expedite the field acquisition to billing aspect of meter reading.

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Wireless Read and Re-Read Technology

How can my utility improve Re-Read success rates?

Alexander’s Contract Services electronically processes new reads and rereads from the field via wireless connectivity. Success rates of 99.98% or greater accuracy regarding reads and rereads are obtainable.

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Field Certified Read Data

What is a Certified Read and how does it greatly Improve my meter reading collection process?

With Alexander’s web-based RouteManager, every questionable read is verified and certified to be authentic. This happens by collecting critical supplemental data at the time of the meter reading. With this data, all doubt regarding any questionable read not being authentic is removed.

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