Contract Services

For over 53 years, we have grown to become the leading provider of professionally-trained meter reading teams to public and private utilities.

Our staff represents you in the community and we take that very seriously. Find out how we can take your customer approval ratings, in-house performance, and bottom line to an exceptional standard.

Meter Reading

ACS has been reading meters since 1967, so there is not a situation we have not experienced and overcome in the past 53 years. During the company’s inception, we collected the reads via meter books. Today, utilizing the latest technology, our current method is authenticated via cloud wireless interface, and the date is securely held and backed by AWS. While our methods of collecting the reads have evolved with technology, the basic principle of providing a service on time, accurately, and with qualified professional staff has never changed

Today, our organically developed software and our programming team have developed a field platform and client user interface that provides the highest level of accuracy, efficiency, and secured data transmission via our proprietary “Certified Reads” technology.

Our staff is properly identified and trained to represent our clients in the field in a professional manner, while avoiding interaction with the residents. Every reader is identified through uniform and ID badge. They are trained if approached by a resident to be courteous, and when asked questions to hand the resident a card custom-designed for that location.

Our Meter Reading Service has a solid reputation. Upon request, we will provide a list of “EACH” of our clients. We do this based on our confidence that our customers will provide a solid reference. Please contact us to do a cost analysis of your meter reading operation (Water, Gas or Electric) and allow us to show the cost savings and increased accuracy and delivery of reads.


ACS prides itself on having a safe and courteous team of employees who are out daily in the community. We utilize our own vehicles and each employee is properly identified while taking care of our customers’ needs and demands.

Our Technicians Provide These Services:

  • Turn Off: We will go to the location and turn off service for: Delinquents, Move Outs, or Emergencies that require the water to be shut off.
  • Turn On: ACS Staff will go to the location and turn the service back on for Move Ins, Payment of Delinquents, and Service Restorations.
  • Meter Lid Replacements: In order to assure community safety, the ACS team will go out and replace meter lids that are cracked, damaged, or missing.
  • Door Hang Tags: The ACS team will go out and deliver door hang tags notifying customers of potential service shut offs.

All of the above Services are completed utilizing the ACS proprietary RouteManager platform. This gives our client the assurance and 100% guarantee that the service was completed through a cloud-based interface with photo, date time stamp, and geolocation authentication.