Ground Breaking Meter Reading Software

ACS has innovated accuracy and proven efficiency in the proprietary web-based meter reading software solution RouteManager. Utilizing secure M2M servers and rugged wireless handheld data collection devices, RouteManager represents the cutting edge in meter reading productivity. Using the latest technologies, RouteManager achieves the highest level of client fulfillment.

ACS Cloud Software & Data are hosted through AWS with multiple backup locations.
All data is secured through encrypted login and controlled transmission.

  • Secure Server Access on the Verizon M2M Network
  • Certified Read Photos taken at the Time of Reading
  • Compatible File Interface to All Billing Systems
  • Powerful, Comprehensive Reporting
  • Fast Wireless Data Upload and Download
  • Real-Time Data Transfer from the Field
  • Efficient Electronic Unread/Reread Management
  • GPS Location Collection and Meter ID Lock Features
  • Route and Meter Re-sequencing
  • Android-based Mobile App that Syncs Reads from Anywhere with a Cell Connection
  • Certified Reads That Virtually Eliminate Errors, Fraud and Re-reads
  • On-the-Fly Dynamic Rerouting That Keeps Everyone Pointed in the Right Direction
  • Safe and Secure “One Device Two Way” Secure Communication and Data Transfer

Dramatically improving your Utility's practices is at the heart of our mission.

Highlighted features of RouteManager include:

Wireless Reread Management

The RouteManager meter reading product electronically processes rereads from the field via wireless connectivity. Client or Alexander's Supervisors review possible rereads as they occur in the read process, before they arrive at the utility’s billing site. Supervisors determine the nature of the exception, verifying the photo taken and actual reading. If necessary, the Supervisor can visit the meter or assign those rereads electronically to a meter reader to review. This can occur well in advance of the data transfer deadline for that day. Using the RouteManager technology, Certified Photos, GPS points and wireless connectivity between the handhelds and the web server, an accuracy level of up to 99.98% or greater can be achieved.

Meter ID Locks

Alexander’s RouteManager meter reading product provides superior accuracy due to its Meter ID lock solution programmed into the handheld application. The handheld meter reading application does not allow the meter reader to view the previous read or meter ID number, making it nearly impossible for a meter reader to enter an erroneous read.

When the ACS meter reader reads a meter, the read must be within the high/low limits set by the billing system. If the read is outside of this range, the reader must enter the meter’s ID number that is only found on the meter in question. Once the proper ID number is entered to the unit, it will unlock and show the reader the previous read and the ID number for that single meter only. At this point the reader is prompted to reread the meter taking the previous read into consideration.

This simple function ensures accuracy in the collection of meter reads in the field by the ACS meter reader, and it guarantees that each read is authentic.

RouteManager Portal featuring Certified Reads Services (CRS)

ACS’ RouteManager meter reading product includes the Certified Reads Feature where every questionable read is verified and certified to be authentic. RouteManager meter reading system collects and cross references supplementary data to ensure an authentic read has occurred. CRS on RouteManager will give you extraordinary results from your meter reading crew!

Operational Structure and Benefits

The RouteManager can be accessed on any internet accessible device by the client through very strict and secure login processes. Devices such as a desktop PC, Laptop, iPad or Smartphone can be given access to the web server. This allows each utility manager to monitor activity regarding rereads, exceptions, trouble meters, and performance of the meter reading crew as the reads take place each day. Each user of the system is given unique credentials designed for access to functions within the system for which they are authorized.

Alexander's configures the file layout interfaces with the Billing system to completely match the current layout. No changes to file structure are required by the Utility in implementing the RouteManager product.

DZReader Mobile Handheld Software

Our Mobile Handheld Software - DZReader - runs on the latest Ultra Rugged Android mobile devices equipped with Fast Processors, High Resolution Cameras, GPS and “Real-time” Wireless Connectivity to our Cloud Web Servers. These state-of-the-art handhelds get the work done reliably and efficiently.

Certified Reads Feature

With Alexander's RouteManager meter reading software, every questionable read is verified and certified to be authentic. The meter reader utilizes the full benefit of this product while collecting the meter reads in the field. RouteManager software collects and cross references supplemental data to ensure that an authentic read has occurred at the meter. By collecting this supplemental data at the time of the meter reading, all doubt regarding any questionable read not being authentic is removed.

The “Certified Read” feature guides the meter reader to capture the date, time, GPS coordinates and a photo right at the meter.

The benefits of this feature are enormous to the client end user.

  • Gain customer confidence
  • Eliminate estimated reads
  • Reduce customer inquiries
  • Reduce billing mistakes
  • Produce Certified Reports
  • Substantiate billing data
  • Certify meter tampering, neglect or abuse
  • Validate meter reader comments